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Photo by Tom WheatleyIn this section, we will be discussing other aspects of the natural history of Prince Edward County. As the section grows, we will have a look at the mammals, reptiles and amphibians, and even some of the insects that can be found in Prince Edward County. Books have been written on some of the county’s flora and fauna, and we will look at these and where you can obtain them. Be sure to check back in often as new material will be uploaded regularly as this section gradually expands. Mammals, wildflowers, herptiles, book reviews, available guides, checklists, articles on interesting discoveries - all this, and more to appear. Have a look at what is available right now. We look at a spectacular wildflower guide  to Prince Edward County, Field, Forest, Hedgerow, written by West Lake area resident Court Noxon. Coming soon, a review on Dr. Paul Catling's new book, A  Field Guide to the Butterflies of Prince Edward County and Surrounding Area.

Check back often, as this section will include more as time goes on.

Chalk it up to autumnal recrudescence, but the warm weather of the last few weeks has created a spring awakening in many animal species, especially Grey Treefrogs. This one has adopted the colour of the surrounding greenery in an effort to blend in.

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