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Nov 17, 2017 at 09:00 AM

Blue Jay. Photo by Barry Kant Blue Jay. Photo by Barry KantTHE QUINTE AREA BIRD REPORT


with sightings from the Bay of Quinte region, and beyond



Please e-mail your sightings directly to   Terry Sprague

This is where you can tell us what you have been seeing around the Quinte area and in your backyard. Sightings are posted every Friday evening, so we encourage you to report your bird sightings, anecdotes, and other wildlife discoveries for everyone to enjoy. To report your sightings, just click my name above.  


Northern Harrier. Photo by Lloyd HolmesWell known birders Bruce DiLabio and Ron Pittaway report that a long time birder of Ottawa, F. Monty Brigham, has passed away. Monty's birding interest began in the mid-1950s. During the 1960s and early 1970s, he was a top field birder in a group that included Ron Pittaway, Dan Brunton, Don Lafontaine and John Dubois. Monty and companions mentored numerous younger Ottawa birders in the late 60s and early 70s including Bruce Di Labio, Tom Hince, Stephen O'Donnell, Bruce Mactavish, Brian Morin, Michael Runtz and others. Monty’s field skills were the envy of fellow birders. He found lots of birds because he perfected the art of “squeaking” long before other birders used it. Monty also used a scope before most other birders had one. He loved doing Big Days in May and kept meticulous journal notes and records. In the 1970s, Monty’s birding focus changed to recording bird songs and calls. He produced a number of Vinyl LP records including Songs of the Season, Pelee Spring and Algonquin Park. His biggest challenge would be the “Bird Sounds of Canada” which was a sound field guide to supplement Earl Godfrey's 2nd edition of  “The Birds of Canada”. The three volumes and six CDs covering over 300 species aided hundreds of birders in learning bird songs. Monty’s friendly nature and bird recordings are his legacy. Condolences can be e-mailed to Monty Brigham’s wife, Jane, at There will be a service at Cedarview Alliance Church, 2784 Cedarview Road, Nepean, tomorrow, Nov. 18th at 11:30 a.m.
A couple of significant sightings got accidentally omitted from the Report last week – a NORTHERN GOSHAWK on Arthur Road and a very late GRAY CATBIRD at the end of Edward Drive, both locations in the Stinson Block at Consecon. Also on that side of the County, 3 EASTERN BLUEBIRDS  were seen along the Millennium Trail, south of Smoke’s Point Road.
A tardy EASTERN PHOEBE was seen on Royal Road on Sunday - although not terribly tardy as we have had a few individuals closer to the end of November in past years, and an early December sighting last year.
Not many waterfowl at Wellington Harbour yet. On Sunday, there were over 30 each of BUFFLEHEAD and MALLARDS, and a handful of GREATER SCAUP. Thirty TUNDRA SWANS  were present in West Lake on Tuesday, just out from the causeway leading to Sheba’s Island.
Atkins Road last weekend produced a few interesting species – two WHITE-CROWNED SPARROWS in tall weeds with other sparrows, 17 HORNED LARKS, 1 NORTHERN FLICKER and a RED-TAILED HAWK.
At the Sager Conservation Area, off Airport Road near Stirling, 40 BRANT  were seen flying overhead.
There was a SNOW GOOSE, a RUBY-CROWNED KINGLET, a PIED-BILLED GREBE and 5 YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS which highlighted a list of birds seen at Lock 13, just north of Campbellford on Sunday.
Only 14 AMERICAN  COOTS were present Tuesday behind Trenton’s Canadian Tire store, and while none was seen at Carrying Place’s Twelve O’clock Point, waterfowl there was significant, both in terms of numbers and species. Close to 20 species were present, among them 36 MUTE SWANS, 40 GADWALL, 80 AMERCIAN WIGEON, 35 MALLARDS, 150 REDHEADS, 1500 GREATER/LESSER SCAUP, and 540 HOODED MERGANSERS. Also present were 4 each of CANVASBACK, RUDDY DUCK and PIED-BILLED GREBE, and a single WHITE-WINGED SCOTER. At Tremur Lake along Wooler Road at Telephone Road, only 6 waterfowl species were present – 500 CANADA GEESE, 2 MUTE SWANS, 4 TRUMPETER SWANS, 120 MALLARDS, 3 AMERICAN BLACK DUCKS and 30 BUFFLEHEADS. A few waterfowl species on Stoco Lake at Tweed – MALLARD, LONG-TAILED DUCK (2), BUFFLEHEAD, COMMON GOLDENEYE, and HOODED MERGANSER – small numbers of each. At East Bayshore Park along the Bayshore Trail in the Bay of Quinte, a little better, numbers-wise, with CANADA GOOSE, MUTE SWAN, MALLARD, LESSER SCAUP (12), BUFFLEHEAD (20), and COMMON GOLDENEYE (50). Also seen there this morning were BALD EAGLE, BELTED KINGFISHER, 3 RED-TAILED HAWKS and GREAT BLUE HERON.
Snow Bunting. Photo by Lloyd HolmesThis week’s photos are courtesy of Lloyd Holmes of Marmora, both (NORTHERN HARRIER and a SNOW BUNTING) taken in the local area a few days ago.
A flock of 42 SNOW BUNTINGS on Amherst Island last weekend yielded a LAPLAND LONGSPUR  for one birder. Also checked off were 1 GOLDEN EAGLE being harassed by three NORTHERN HARRIERS, 3 RED-TAILED HAWKS and 4 ROUGH-LEGGED HAWKS. Another 65 SNOW BUNTINGS  were also at Morven, just east of Napanee, and a couple were noted at Odessa. 
Winter has arrived in Northumberland County. Two SNOWY OWLS showed up at Cobourg Harbour last Saturday morning which were still there the following morning. Also at the harbour, 3 GLAUCOUS GULLS  showed up on Thursday, along with an ICELAND GULL. A BRANT  was also in the harbour, as were 8 RED-THROATED LOONS this morning.
At the Brighton Sewage Lagoon on Thursday, 78 NORTHERN SHOVELERS  were the highlight, but also present were 10 CANADA GEESE. 5 MALLARDS, and 44 BUFFLEHEAD. Forty-nine GADALL at Gosport were noteworthy that day as well, as was a FOX SPARROW in the Northumberland Forest north of Cobourg.
As of yesterday, three shorebird species were still present at Presqu’ile Park, challenging the rigours of late fall. Thirty-five DUNLIN, 3 juvenile WHITE-RUMPED SANDPIPERS and a lone SANDERLING remained. The Presqu’ile Park Bird Report for the week of November 10-16 by Fred Helleiner has been uploaded to the NatureStuff website, and can be found by CLICKING HERE. Nice photo this week by John Vieira of a Red-throated Loon.
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The Quinte Area Bird Report will be updated on Friday, November 24.
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