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Written by Terry Spraque   
Dec 11, 2015 at 09:00 PM



It has been our experience that during the summer months, the majority of our customers go to the cottage, the lake or participate in other activities on the weekends. 
Hence, we have decided to rearrange our part time hours to accommodate you during the summer months. 
If you call ahead on any other day of the week, we can try to make accommodation for your shopping needs.  

Fall and Winter hours:
Thursday 10-5
Friday 10-5
Sat  9-12pm

OR by  appointment
(We live next to the store so this is usually not a problem)

In response to the rapid decline of bees and pollinators, A Place to Perch carries exclusively Mill Creek Seed® Blends. 
Mill Creek Seed® is the only supplier of seed that is  free of NEONICS, a pesticide that is endangering our bees, birds, and other natural species. 

Tina Pennacchio & Susan Rollinson 
Specialists in Wild & Companion Birds

6984 Hwy 62 North
One entrance south of Vermilyea/Farnham on the SE side
2 km north of the 401


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