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Jul 30, 2017 at 03:00 AM


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Picton Farm Supply - where good prices, excellent selection and customer service have always been our motto  

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Bryce Cronk. Photo by Terry SpragueYou can go into almost any store these days and pick up a bar of rendered suet for birds. But if you want a peanut butter suet cake, or a fruit and nut, or raisin crunch, or for those slow days at the bird feeder - high energy suet bars, then you have to go to Picton Farm Supply. It is about the first thing you see upon entering the store at 179 Talbot Street, just on the northern outskirts of town. Tray upon tray of suet cakes - a variety enough to rival the racks of chocolate bars at the local convenience store.

Picton Farm Supply celebrated its 25th year in business in 2012. For a facility that one would expect to spend more time concentrating its attention to feed mixes and agricultural supplies for local farmers, one might think that stocking supplies for birders would be a low priority. However, owner, Bryce Cronk, saw the exploding interest in birds, and especially bird feeding, years ago. Birding is North America’s second most popular hobby, and Bryce was determined to get in on the ground floor. The gamble paid off. There is no other location in Prince Edward County that stocks as many condiments for birds and birders as Picton Farm Supply.

Once your eyes begin to travel beyond the trays of suet cakes, you soon begin to appreciate the burgeoning popularity of birds. Tucked in a corner of the store beyond the work clothes, halters, bag balm and treatments for mastitis, are bird feeders - at least a hundred of them - from basic garden variety models to the creme de la creme of bird feeders, the Droll Yankees. Although bird feeders are available in Picton in hardware stores, and even supermarkets, Bryce is an exclusive dealer in the Picton area for this popular line of feeders, so well built, they are guaranteed for a lifetime.

However, it is the bird feed that has made Picton Farm Supply the county’s first choice when seeking out locations from which to purchase feed. Bryce carefully and attentively listens to his customers when deciding on a formula for his premium mixes, and takes a dim view of so-called budget feeds. Bryce knows that people do not feed birds because they have to, but feed birds because they are eager to have the best variety of birdlife they can around their homes. "It doesn’t make sense to offer a budget feed if you want something better than budget birds at your feeders." Bryce listened to his customers, did his homework and came up with a mix that is not only black with sunflower seed - both black oil seed and large striped seed - but all the necessary ingredients, including peanuts, to attract a colourful clientele.

Quantity is no object. If you are just starting out with a bird feeder and want to experiment with just a small plastic bag of mixed feed, that can be arranged as he will sell you whatever amount you want. If you multi-task Bryce Cronkwith many feeders, he will sell you the jumbo bag, weighing in at a hefty 66 pounds. All ingredients in his popular mix can be purchased separately as well, including the option of buying bags of shelled peanuts or peanuts in the shell, or Nyjer seed. You can purchase a small bag of peanuts so small as to fit in your hand or a large bag that may require shuffling a few things around in your trunk, just to get it in. 

With summer feeding now as popular as winter feeding, Bryce says he now sells many tons of bird feed a year. "I think we actually sell more feed in the summer than we do in the winter," he laughs.

The importance of offering high quality mixed feed at our feeders, free from fillers and questionable seeds, cannot be emphasized enough. Disappearing are the days when we seek out budget feeds from big box stores that need to move their product quickly, and have no expertise in dealing with today’s sophisticated bird conscious public. Bird feeding is big business today, and serious birders take their hobby seriously. Bryce Cronk and his staff at Picton Farm Supply enjoy nothing more than swapping stories and discussing your needs.


  • Black Oil Sunflower Seed (50 lb.)  $22.95  
  • Striped Sunflower Seed (50 lb.)    $24.95
  • Sunflower chips (50 lb.)                $51.95
  • Safflower Seed (50 lb.)                  $35.75
  • Deluxe Mixed Bird Feed (18 kg)    $22.95
  • Deluxe Mixed Bird Feed (25 kg)    $29.95
  • White Millet (50 lb.)                       $16.25
  • Peanuts, in shell (50 lb.)               $77.95
  • Peanuts, out of shell, (50 lb)         $46.95         

These are already bagged up and ready to go! However, smaller quantities are available in whatever amount you need. Be sure to look over their ever increasing variety of bird feeders, suet cakes (less expensive if you buy 12!), and all kinds of accessories to increase your enjoyment of the winter bird feeding season.



Drop in to Picton Farm Supply and see our new shipment of bird feeders, just arrived, for this coming winter! Sunflower seed feeders, nyjer feeders, unique shapes and sizes, even a three-in-one feeder in which you can offer a variety of seeds. There is no hard and fast rule as to which feeder is appropriate. Mostly it is a personal choice. The best method is to never depend on just a single feeder. Purchase a variety of feeders and place them at various locations around your yard. Then sit back and enjoy the show as birds arbitrarily decide which feeder they will frequent today. Remember - we don't feed birds because they NEED us; we feed birds because we want to see them around our premises, and there is nothing wrong with that. Except for days when there is heavy snow cover, or following a sleet storm, birds don't really need us (we need them!). Birds have been birds for thousands of years and they regard our offerings as nothing more than another stop in many that they make in the course of a day. Bird feeding is just downright fun, so come into Picton Farm Supply and pick out the feeder that appeals to you the most. And, don't forget - the secret to success is staying away from so-called budget feeds that are sold at big box stores. They are cheaper because these stores are interested only in capitalizing on a popular hobby, and moving product. At Picton Farm Supply, we listen to the customer, and offer a quality product that birds will consume with little to no waste. Just have a look at our premium mixed feed and you will note that it is black with sunflower seed, both striped and black oil. To attract a good variety of winter birds, you need to offer a quality product and we have that at Picton Farm Supply. Come in today and see for yourself and don't forget to include one or more of our new feeders.

 Order Now for Next Spring Delivery!

Chicks, Turkey Poults, Duckings, Pheasants, Guinea Hen Keets and Goslings

Call for more information

179 Talbot Street, Picton

Mon-Fri 8 am to 5 pm

Sat. 8 am to 12 pm




Frozen, locally raised chicken

 $8.50/Kg   (2.5-3.5 Kg)

Call for more information

179 Talbot Street, Picton

Mon-Fri 8am to 5 pm

Sat. 8 am to 12 pm




















































$5.20 each

$5.00 for 10+

$4.95 for 20+

Call for more information

179 Talbot Street, Picton

Mon-Fri 8am to 5 pm

Sat. 8 am to 12 pm






20 litre: $10.62

10 litre: $5.75

Call for more information

179 Talbot Street, Picton

Mon-Fri 8am to 5 pm

Sat. 8 am to 12 pm




Give your dog a pig's ear today! Look for the box of these natural dehydrated treats that dogs love in a cardboard box as soon as you walk in the front door. Only $1.25 each. We also stock an entire complement of Hartz pet care products, including Flea and Tick Spray, flea powder for cats, as well as collars, leashes, toys and pet food. We haven't forgotten your larger pets either. During the fly season we offer both equine and cattle fly sprays.

Pets bring us so much joy into our lives. Whether you are protecting them, feeding them or just having fun with them, Picton Farm Supply is the place to go for a wide variety of supplies for your special pets.  


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 We Stock The Whole Family of Squirrel Buster Feeders !

Mini:  $34.95

Peanut:  $71.95

Finch/Nyjer:  $71.95

Classic:  $71.95

Plus:  $112.95

Standard: $40.95 (photo on right)


Squirrel Buster Plus

Squirrel Buster Classic

Squirrel Buster Finch

Squirrel Buster Peanut

Squirrel Buster Mini









 Picton Farm Supply's wild bird feed and sunflower seed is also available at The County Depot, located at the corner of Highway 33 and Salem Road, at Consecon. Open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Phone 613-394-5818


Picton Farm Supply

179 Talbot Street

R.R. # 8,

Picton Ontario

K0K 2T0

Phone 613-476-7507

NEW to Picton Farm Supply - we have an email address and would love to respond to any questions regarding the feeders we have in stock, feeders we are able to order, etc.  Feel free to email us at    with any questions you may have

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